Most awkward thing ever happens during lunch




I recently read a tweet from Nigeria’s Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) and his tweet read something like ‘just when you think nothing can surprise you, you see a driver bringing out hand mirror to observe traffic behind him”.

Now my own version is just when you think nothing awkward is happening around you, the most awkward thing happens. I had this experience yesterday where I went to have my lunch. It was one of those places you eat hot vegetable soup with fufu that will make you sweat all through. I hope to start sharing some of this places soon đŸ˜‰ .

Just when I was rounding off with my food,  the guy beside me demanded for extra (one of those heavy eaters I guess). The waiter went to get his order and the most awkward thing ever happened.

An elderly man eating close to him kindly and innocently offered his remaining fufu to the young man! Awkward huh?

No doubt what his response would be. An emphatic NO!

That didn’t deter the elderly man as he tried convincing him to have his food instead of wasting money on the extra. It almost turned into a drama as the man started demanding to know why he chose to spend on the extra instead of having his for free.

I just managed not to laugh and concentrated on finishing my food and leaving the place.  Wonders.


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