Jokes Apart – Have you submitted a picture to win $500 in this photography contest?



I recently posted about an opportunity to snap a picture of where ever you are to enter for a competition to win various prizes. The winning pictures will also be exhibited at an important and high level Goverance weekend in Accra Ghana. My guess is that it won’t just end there. These things exposes one to various other opportunities for networking and personal development. So I will advice you take up that phone you use for snapping selfies, click the link for the competition and submit a nice picture that demonstrates what they are looking for.

Need a tip?

If all they request for is a single picture, you can capture more than one. At least 2 – 3 very good ones and submit with different names. Who knows, what they are looking for might be in one of the three. 😉 Don’t say I told you. I really will love a picture taken in Owerri to win this contest.

Remember to thank me later!



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