Police implicated in the death of a man during interrogation


    The death of Mr Omeni Ajaero from Okwu community in Emekuku, Owerri North LGA, Imo state is causing serious tension in the community. This is as a result of the alleged death of the man in police custody.

    According to a report on Vanguard website, some members of the community who are acquainted with the incident spoke to their journalist. They attributed the root cause of the death to the long rift in the family over ownership of family property.

    “Late  J. N. Ajaero married three wives and since he died, the family has never known peace because of the scramble for the property left behind by their father.

    ‘’The bad blood created by this scramble was very deep and has degenerated to what has just happened,” a villager told the journalist.

    The younger brother of the deceased, Uwaoma Ajaero also gave account of how his brother died. According to him, the ordeal started when they honoured an invitation from men of the police force.

    He said:  “On arrival at the State Police Headquarters, Owerri, we were told that Thaddeus Ajaero and Edwin Ajaero, the sons of my late father’s first wife had proceeded to Zone 9 Headquarters, Umuahia.

    ‘’We were also informed that police officers from Zone 9 were already waiting to take us to Umuahia.

    “We were arrested, handcuffed, and whisked away to Zone 9, Umuahia, where the two of us made statements and were detained.”

    Mr Uwaoma further stated how on May 5, 2015, the investigative police officer, IPO, and one of his colleagues came to the cell where he was detained with his brother and took away his brother.

    “About two hours later, the IPO and his colleague called me out of the cell and ordered me to fill the bail bonds for myself and my yet-to-be-seen brother. Upon inquiry about the whereabouts of my brother, the IPO said that he was outside,” Uwaoma said.

    Problem started after he completed the bail formalities and was taken to the vehicle were his brother was kept. He was now foaming from his mouth and was unable to communicate with him. On inquiry, he was told by the IPO that his brother started behaving strangely during their interrogation.

    ‘The opinion of the IPO was that Omeni may be reacting to the injection administered on him,” Uwaoma told the journalist.

    “The IPO said he took him to the nearby police hospital, where he was given an injection and later referred to Emekuku mission hospital.

    ‘’He was also referred to the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, where he died May 7, 2015, when all efforts to revive him failed,” Uwaoma said.


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