Can you ever advice someone to commit suicide? Well, these people did


    I bumped into this program by MegaFM Owerri on Sunday. It was an Igbo phone in program and the presenter told a very chilling and almost unbelievable story of how a young lady killed her sister because she was jealous of her marital success. She eventually moved into her home and married her late sister’s husband. Now she is troubled and didn’t know what to do. She wants to move out of her late sister’s house and also considering killing herself. She reached out to the presenter to help her find solution to her challenge. The story sounded so surreal and even callers couldn’t believe it really happened. Personally, I thought she was sharing a Nollywood story.

    The calls started coming in and I couldn’t believe when some people advised her to go ahead and kill herself because she has done something unpardonable.

    What would you have advised her to do?


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