As Imo state gets new commissioner of Police…


It is old news that we now have a new commissioner of Police in the person of Mr Taiwo Fredrick Lakanu and he started making  his presence felt already when he led a team of anti robbery squad to quell a robbery in progress at the Aladinma area of Owerri. The suspects were arrested and several implicating items recovered from them during the raid which followed a distress call to his command. I hope the distress number to call is made available to Imolites as soon as possible.

The new CP has made a clear statement of zero crime tolerance to all criminals in the state with that singular act. He reiterated that fact during his maiden press conference. when he stated that all of them should leave the state or have themselves to blame. According to a report on Nigeria News Point, the new commissioner has acquired considerable records that qualifies him to take on the new task given to him. The report stated that he joined the Nigerian Police Force as a Cadet Assistant Superintendent and has served in different capacities and commands. He was the principal staff officer to the Inspector General of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigation Department, Oyo State. He was also the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Eastern Ports Authority, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Delta State and Commissioner of police of Ekiti State. Until his recent appointment, Mr. Lakanu was the Commissioner of Police, Airport command.

So as he takes over leadership of the Nigerian Police in Imo state, I pray he takes time to re-orientate his men or send them for serious retraining.

I witnessed something very unpleasant the other day at Cherubim junction, Wetheral road. An elderly traffic warden was graciously doing her job under the rain and a mobile police man jumped into the middle of the road from nowhere and started giving counter instructions so that their convoy with very loud irritating sirens could pass. Come to think of it, I thought the state government has banned the use of sirens and tinted glasses on vehicles while introducing the new government house plate numbers.

I hope the new CP will take time to retrain his men to minimize cases of this lawlessness they display in public.


  1. please sir some group of boys formed by a man in mgbidi Imo State calling them selves one way, holding people unlawfully and collecting 2000 to 5000 from motorcyclist and at the same time causing accident many times women and men have cried so much for this, please do some thing about it for this is an illegal road safety, one of the boy is known as Nwaoriwasia, the way they snatch motorcycle keys from elderly men and women is so insulting and brutal this is an illegal work, no id card no uniform no clear appearance the worst is is that they hide them selves and jump into people in front of their motorcycle so that some times people see them as armed robbers and run into speed vehicle this have caused lives of at least 4 people who have died while trying to run as they run into them as high way rubbers please solve this matter once and for all we need an arrest on their so called Oga / Boss since they do not have the change of steeling they come another way thanks

  2. the said one way group have their head office at a secret place called Governor of Imo State close to one pond area called Miri Ucheagwu in eziala mgbidi from Orlu junction but the boy hide them selves at ekemgbidi market and close to JCI FOUNDATION Orlu junction mgbidi


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