Rochas Advocates: Who will be the advocate of the people?


Sometimes I wish the Corporate Affairs Commission will start demanding that registrants of any business, organization or venture will have to defend their vision. This will help them ascertain what value the new venture will add to the society before approving their registration. This is most especially in the political sector as a lot of political groups spring up during and after each political dispensation that only serve the purpose of the owner with little or no single value to the larger society.

I recently read from Nigeria Newspoint Newspaper early this month that the speaker of Imo state House of Assembly has floated a group he called ‘Posterity Preservation Group’ for Governor Rochas Okorocha. Am not a political scientist but I don’t think I need to be one to know that the basic functions of the legislature is to make laws and check the executive. I am ready to take a bet that the so called posterity preservation group will not be sustained beyond 2019 when the governor leaves office. What value will such a group add to the people of Imo state?

Last week, my eyes (my own eyes and the lens of my camera) caught another big bill board strategically position at the government house roundabout. This one is called Rochas Advocates and my question is, why not the people’s advocate, the pensioners advocate, the teachers advocate, the widows advocate, the youth advocate etc.

When are we going to grow above all these and start doing things that will truly add value to the society so that posterity will not condemn us?

I totally agree with the message in the billboard about not waiting for other people to bring change. We are the change; let’s start acting like we are the change. The governor already has a lot of groups floated on his behalf.


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