Project 1-9-90 to Launch in Owerri Next Week


Project 1-9-90 Launches in Owerri Next Week

A new internet income strategy based on the popular marketing principle, 1-9-90 will launch in Owerri next week. Do avail yourself the opportunity of making some legitimate income with this interesting  strategy. The team bringing it to Owerri spoke to us recently and shared some information on how it works. You can call them on 07039154015 to get more on seminar venue and registration details.


Project 1-9-90 is a uniquely designed BITCOIN/Euro network marketing business that is structured to make everyone earn within the shortest possible time-frame. Bitcoin is the world’s most successful crytocurrency till date with its current price at over $200 to a bitcoin.
Bitcoin is well known worldwide and acceptable on most merchant/retail sales websites.

The word “network marketing” always sounds scary to most people because they simply believe it is unrealistic.

Project 1-9-90 understood this fear and they decided to break this fear by helping you to make it fast with their never-seen before compensation plan. In-fact, the name Project 1-9-90 is an acronym of the compensation plan.

Let’s break it down for you.

1 – Means ‘you’
9 – Means you earn 9% of the first 2 that upgrades under you (whether you refer them or not)
90 – Means you earn 90% of the 4 partners that land under your first 2 upgraded partners.

You basically earn:-
9%   – €0.9 x 2 = €1.8 and
90% – €9 x 4 = €36

for a total earning of €37.8 (378%) with just your one-time only €10 investment. which is (N3,500 naira)

This reward plan is based on a forced matrix of 2 x 2, with only 6
people from you and spill over from up-line each matrix is completed.

Even people that have not sponsored anybody are getting paid from spill over.

But it is necessary that each person must invite at least 2 people and that everyone does the same.

Your direct affiliates follow you in each and every cycle to repeat
arrays and advancement.

I.e. your 2 people bring their 2 people each. You will earn app. €40 Euros then you will use 10 Euros to buy back, to have new empty matrix and your profit is appr. €30 Euros

your team will do the same under you repeatedly every one buy back, you will earn the €40 Euros again, as many time as possible.
Then you can invest into other packages as well, in conclusion the
earning potential of this package is unlimited.
My target now is to make at least 5,000 Euros monthly.

You can then leverage your €37.8 through the other higher levels of the compensation plan with your same team of just 6.
With this you can earn over €4000 within the shortest possible time as it does not involve the long chain of continuous bringing in of people that is known with most conventional network marketing systems.

All you need is just €10 EUR worth of Perfect money. Perfect money is an e-currency that is widely accepted globally.

Here is the level earnings breakdown

1         €10 cycle to earn.      €37.8
2         €25 cycle to earn.      €94.5
3         €50 cycle to earn.      €189
4         €100 cycle to earn.    €378
5         €250 cycle to earn.    €945
6         €500 cycle to earn.    €1890
7         €1000 cycle to earn.  €3780
8         €2000 cycle to earn.  €7560
9         €4000 cycle to earn.  €15120
10       €6000 cycle to earn   €22680.

For a total earnings of 378% at every level.

So how do you become a part of this amazing earning concept?

All you need is just 10 EUR worth of Perfect money. Perfect money is an e-currency platform that enables people make payment and do other transactions online.

Attend seminar next week to learn more. Seminar is completely FREE!


  1. Bitcoin the future currency of the world by 2017 as predicted by the economist in America.
    Thanks project 1-9-90 for coming to O-town. See you there next week.

  2. Comment:i am afraid to join bcos other networks spoke more than this yet in the end it was true is project 1-9-90 network?

  3. project 1-9-90 1s very very very real,You would be making your moneu while you sleep.Am ready to help you out on how to get started,register people,open your perfect money account,open bitcoin wallet and you start making your money.YOU CAN SIGN UP here using and you can also reach meby call or sms using 08110228568.


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