Dear Governor Rochas, My Salary is My Right Biko!


Dear Governor Rochas, My Salary is My Right Biko!

I don’t know if Governor Rochas Okorocha authorized the statement his SA on public enlightenment and strategy, Dr Kelechi Okpalaeke made few days ago on radio. If he didn’t, then I think he should sack him because the statement was simply callous and inhumane (but what do you expect in a society where everybody is just doing anything to impress their master).

The SA’s statement that a worker’s salary is a privilege and not a right has generated a lot of reaction on social media  although it’s not very clear whether the Governor was aware of the statement or not. If he is not, I think the best thing to do is to publicly dissociate himself from it and apologize to Imo people.

How can you say that the salary of someone who has spent their energy, time and resources to work for you is not their right but a privilege? Even the bible acknowledges that people must be paid for their efforts.

So please, if we work, we expect to be paid and we should not beg for it.


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