You think Shoprite Owerri won’t have a cinema? Think again – [Picture]


Most people think the Owerri Mall won’t have a cinema. This picture will change your mind.

First, forgive me for that post title. I know it should be Owerri Mall because Shoprite is just one of the shops (largest though) in the shopping mall. I intentionally used it because I notice a lot of visitors searching for Shoprite Owerri. Don’t blame me for getting some traffic na ūüėČ

So the first time I went to check the place out and to take these pictures,¬†my friend said he didn’t see anything exciting about the place since they didn’t have a cinema which was grossly lacking in Owerri.

After that, I spoke with one of the developers (Nadel Bitmaps Technologies) who was handling signage and he confirmed there would be a cinema in the mall.

I got proof of that on Saturday when I saw this picture he uploaded on his Facebook page.

shoprite owerri

inside shoprite owerri

So yes! another (and probably better) cinema is coming to Owerri. Do you want to guess who it will be? Genesis Deluxe? Film House? Silverbird?

Let’t wait and see


  1. Please do something about your photo uploads. There’s literally nothing in this post to see and the other subsequent posts have nothing in terms of photos either.

    Thank you.


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