After prolonged insensitivity, IMSU finally calls off strike


IMSU finally calls off strike. School to resume on Monday

After what I consider insensitivity of lecturers to students plight and academic progress, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) of Imo State Univeristy Owerri have finally called off their three months strike and will resume on Monday.

I decide to call them a little insensitive because the strike should have been called off earlier than now because they were paid their salaries sometime ago but they kept demanding for some unpaid arrears and other entitlements.

I understand that someone who worked must be paid but they also know better concerning the economic state of the nation and they are not the only ones suffering it. It’s even on the news that the Federal Government still needs to borrow more money.

I know some of the lecturers (the truly passionate ones) who are not happy with the prolonged stay of students at home while some others are unfazed even if the students stay home for years.

Well, since they have decided to return to the classrooms, let’s hope they teach for long before the next strike (because it will definitely happen again).


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