NIGHT FALLS ON COMIC NOON. A tribute by Nwadike ifeasinachi


I promise not to cry. I vow not to, but then, how does one recollect a nostalgic experience without a dint of teardrop? Please don’t blame me if you see prickly tears on my face.
I was in Imo State University on Monday 13/02/2017 to process an important document when I met a Co microphone hustler; MC Icecandy who intimated me of the news of MC Worthy’s demise, I refused to take him serious as it was custom for showmen to pull any kind of stunt prior to an important show. Hence, I reasoned that WORTHY could be up to something, regarding his show on 14th, so you see, my doubt remained till now that Valentine is gone and WORTHY didn’t resurrect to do any show. (Please don’t look at my face, I’m not crying)

In 2012, when I was still compering with MC YORK. MC York and I were helping our senior; MC Chuks to anchor an award night at Eastgate Hotel when a slender fellow walked up to us and introduced himself as MC Worthy and declared his intention to work with us. He was in Year One then. To test him, I gave him my microphone and exited the stage with York to allow him try out his mouth. As was the norm with first timers, the audience booed him but instead of dropping the mic in shame like most upcomers, Worthy continued, undaunted, till he wrenched laughter from the audience. That was a remarkable victory and that was how he started. Two weeks later, MC Dynamite intimated us of his intention to start a comedy troop; EFCC he called it- Effective Federal Commanders of Comedy- consisting of himself, myself, MC York, MC Prince and of course, our newest kid on the bloc; MC Worthy, whom York and I insisted must work with us. He was talented.

EFCC began to pull weight and after almost eight months of microphone comradeship, MC Dynamite advised us to start thinking of being independent. Gradually, we went our separate ways but remained friends. In my third year in school, i opted out of comedy to contest for Departmental President which I won and after one successful year of administration, I went back to the game but never almost recovered; my clientele having almost been conscripted by the enigmatic MC Worthy.

Well, I left IMSU in 2014 and went for NYSC the next year only to return in 2016 to see how MC Worthy had become very outstanding and of course, the most successful among his peers. I envied him plenty.

Just this Monday, I was in IMSU for an important engagement only to be saddled with an unnerving news of his demise. As stated earlier, I laughed it off, but Icecandy was insistent, I called MC York, he said the same thing, I called MC BadMouth, he reechoed them. I went blank. “What will happen to all those lined shows?” “What happens to his new ride?” Oh God!

In this present Nigeria, the loss of a comedian is the loss of a thousand laughter, for our woes are numerous. MC Worthy was among the few who made us laugh. Even fellow comedians laughed to his jokes. Now he’s gone. Bloated off the stage like a bush fire abruptly put out. This is night fall on comic noon.

MC Worthy, you’re human, you fought to survive like every other youth in this country where God is yet to finish creation. May heaven not judge you too much. May God remember you came from Nigeria, I’m sure there is a little leniency in the judgement of a Nigerian in heaven.

Rest in peace my brother. We miss you. I have failed my promise not to cry, for I am doing so, helplessly now.
Ya gazie.

I am your Friend, Ifesinachi Johnpaul Nwadike (MC 2KOOL)


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