Owerri food Hub – Let’s talk about Sharwama


So what do you know about Sharwama especially in Owerri? Ifeoma has something to tell you

It’s a popular Nigerian snack which comes with chunks of beef or chicken along with hot dog.  The creamy sauce inside gives it a mouthwatering taste that makes you eat to the last piece. It is covered in pita bread which wraps the meat and vegetables inside. The major ingredients include cabbages, carrots, meat pieces, pita bread and cream. In Owerri and other parts of Nigeria, shawarma is mostly eaten at dinner time, after a long day.

With over six (6) higher institutions, Imo state has drawn the attention of Shawarma vendors. The first and popular shawarma joint in Owerri is CHANNEL O located in Ikenegbu. It has drawn the attention of many foodies far and wide.

The price ranges between N600 to N1000 depending on the recipe and location of the vendor. Everyday supermarket in world bank area also has a very tasty shawarma joint.

In Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), the most popular shawarma joint is the CHOPS AND SHAWARMA brand, located in Eziobodo. Federal Polytechnic Nekede has over five (5) shawarma joints due to its high population of students. Imo State University (IMSU), also has shawarma vendors with different exciting recipes.It’s like the ladies’ meal for any special occasion and the guys have taken this to their advantage.

It’s like the ladies’ meal for any special occasion and the guys have taken this to their advantage 😉

This snack is mostly prepared with a hot plate and handled by experienced Chefs. It takes a minimum of five (5) minutes to be prepared if the vegetables have been cut down already. It is nutritious and very tasty and can be eaten at any time any day for any occasion as long as you don’t spill the cream all over your body. You can take it any drink of choice.


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