Owerri food hub -Nkwobi is the topic for today!


Let’s tell you a thing or two about this special local delicacy

Nkwobi is a local dish prepared using mostly cow meat or just bush meat. It’s a delicious and spicy food common among the Igbos. The ingredients include beef, utazi leaf, edible potash, palm oil, ugba (sliced oil bean), ehu (calabash nutmeg), crayfish, onions and other minor ingredients. The amazing thing about this food is that it can be prepared right in the comfort of your home.

Most of the preparation is done in a mortar (an African carved hollow wood) as shown above. It is served in a mortar in some local joints to depict the traditional nature of the food.

In Owerri, Nkwobi is commonly served in beer parlors as a traditional eastern food. The famous IBARI OGWA also has this delicacy in their menu. It is served half plate or full plate and the price ranges from #800 – #1500 depending on the location.  This is one of those meals that when prepared, it doesn’t last till the following day, it’s simply irresistible

It is a nutritious meal that is eaten mostly in the evenings (Sundays especially) at local joints, with a glass of palm wine or any cold drink.If the meat is not properly cooked, it becomes tough and chewy. With the advent of continental dishes, we must preserve our local foods because it is our cultural heritage.


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