Urban Renewal: Okorocha’s Dream for Owerri



Rochas lays big plans to open  Owerri for investment

Imo State governor, Owelle Anayo ‘Rochas‘ Okorocha has said the Urban Renewal Programme of his administration tagged ‘Imo My Pride,’ is aimed at attracting investors as well as making Owerri a tourist destination.

Concerning the recent demolition of Ekeukwu Market in Owerri, the governor said there couldn’t be meaningful development without causing some inconveniences to the people.

Okorocha said the relocation of the Ekeukwu is the best thing that has happened to Owerri, in recent times, and urged residents of the state to disregard the rumours making rounds in the state and on the social media as they do not represent the true situation of things.

“We want to seize the opportunity to inform the members of the public to disregard rumours making the rounds with regards to Ekeukwu and whatever it represents, those things are social media rumours and do not represent practical realities.

“The issue of Ekeukwu was taken beyond the scope it represents and I still maintain that the removal of that market was the best thing that has happened to Owerri Capital City and has brought sanity” the governor said, describing the Ekeukwu Owerri market as a den of criminals which had to be cleaned out.

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