Woman almost killed by task force for not paying 500 Naira


0By EzeBlinks 26F9D749 (citizen reporter in owerri)

In Owerri Imo state captial, men of Gov Rochas okorocha road task force who have been tanishing the image of gov rochas by hiding and tricking road users to violate trafic laws.

Today almost killed a woman at world bank area in Owerri. She was driving behind a government car and noticed she was been chased with a bus filled with men of the task force who drove out of their hide out to block the woman.
According to her, they came like kidnappers and tried to block her. they dragged with her till what you see on this photo happened, they took off and never came back to check on the woman..
Imo state government should do something before this 500 naira collectors kill imo people.

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