Opinion: Okorocha and the Owerri Spirit


There is the Owerri spirit in the socio-political life of ImoState. It moves sparingly, in fact, only when provoked, but as a virile and potent force when it moves it teaches the target hard lessons. It is a force that has cut short the career of many a vibrant politician in the State.

When it moved against the former governor of the State about two and a half years ago, he became part of the rich history of the State.

In an instance in the very recent past, the Owerri spirit aggregated society renegades and in one swell swoop exposed them and consigned them to their expected ignominious end. The remnants of that evil group and new recruits can bet that soon, very soon, they will awaken the spirit and smell its wrath.

The Owerri spirit is the spirit of justice, fair play and integrity. It is conscientious and defends human dignity with passion. It exults in the gentility and civil culture and tradition of the Owerri man which many, a la of the Machiavelli institute, deride as business poison.

It has enormous capacity to mobilise all classes of people to fight its cause. Yes, the Owerri spirit can be enduring and long suffering but it can also move spontaneously and in such a case with great venom.

As Owelle Rochas Okorocha works hard to complete his first tenure as governor of the State and seek re-election willy-nilly as some of us foresaw in 2011 when he joined the governorship race as against the wishful thinking of some people in the State who naively accepted the dummy that he would use the position to prepare himself to take a shot at the presidency in 2015, it is interesting to note that the Owerri spirit will not move at least given its mood today.

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