Owerri: Banks remain sealed stressing the need for cashless policy



As residents of Owerri town continue to wallow in agony over the seal of banks by the state government which continued yesterday, the need for a cashless has been made very obvious.

The worst hit by the situation are traders because potential clients were unable to withdraw from ATMs as everything was completely closed. Many people had to travel to nearby towns in other to carry out business transactions.

This is not only risky as a result of possible road accidents, but also they run the risk of being robbed while trying to move cash around.

The situation wouldn’t have been this dire if we have fully adopted cashless policy which even other small African countries like Kenya have fully adopted.

If traders had POS machines, customers can easily walk in, make their purchases and pay with their Credit Cards. Travellers can easily walk into any transport company and pay for their travelling tickets with their Credit Cards or mobile money transfer applications. There wouldn’t have been much disruption in basic economic activities as individuals can easily pay for goods and services without much ado.

This is therefore a call to everyone to take the issues of cashless society seriously as this can help in situation like this.

The people of the state are also calling on the parties involved to resolve the issue in order to alleviate their sufferings and bring economic activities back to normal.


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