Ebola Virus: Desperate times demand desperate measures for protection


As the Ebola scare continue to spread like wild fire all over the country, various misconceptions, theories and drama have continued to trail it’s path.

The recent being the purported case of suspected cases brought to FMC Owerri and the social media message that went viral telling people to bath with salt water and drink same before 6:00am each day!

Someone very close to me actually did that. I couldn’t believe that people can be so scared and gullible whenever matters of life is involved.

Even Steve jobs pointed this fact out in his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University, USA. In his words, “no one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there”.

These where the words that came to mind when I dropped off a close friend as he prepared to travel on Sunday. I couldn’t help but laugh and asked him for a permission to take his picture and use it for this article.

He intentionally and consciously wore a long sleeved cloth to minimize contact, put on a pair of stockings since he was putting on sandals and not shoes. And for his hands, he was prepared for that as well. My guess is he didn’t have a hand glove available so put on a clean pair of stockings too. Funny eh? See his picture below.

While efforts are being to battle and contain this deadline virus, people are also making quick cash from it by selling various merchandise that are supposedly protective. Some pastors are also using it as themes for church programs and I hear Nollywood already has movie on it.



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