NBA Kicks off Annual conference amidst tight security and health measures


stocklawimageOver 10,000  legal practitioners from all over Nigeria have assembled in Owerri for their annual conference. The theme for this year is “Nigeria, a 100 years after”.

The event kicked off on Monday at the International Conference Centre, Owerri wit various dignitaries in attendance. The opening ceremony was chaired by Gen. Yakubu Gowon Rtd.

Across town, the impact of the event was largely felt as there was traffic congestion on major roads of the Owerri. The heavy traffic was caused by the closure of some roads by the state government to help control movement and check security.






























Residents welcomed the lawyers but however expressed their displeasure on the closure of the roads. Mr Ekene Duru told that he spent close to 2 hrs at a spot on his way to the office.

Ms Rosemary told that it took a combination of trekking and using the local tricycle before she got to her destination and it wasn’t easy. “I had to come down from the keke I have already paid for and trek in order to get to where I was going and it was very tiring”  she said.

The situation was worsened by the evening rain as many vehicles where stuck on the way. Most people had to trek very long distances to get home while others said they couldn’t get home at all.

As promised by the organizers of the conference, their were adequate health measures to check the spread of the dreaded Ebola virus. It would be recalled that there was a call to suspend the conference because of the Ebola virus.


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