Have you seen the new iphone 6?


In as much as I am  interested in things happening in this great city of Owerri, I couldn’t help noticing the hype that have followed the release of the Apple’s new product line, the iphone 6 series. It has been trending on twitter and trust me, people lined up as usual to get the first set of the phone. The DP makers didn’t ignore it either as there have been funny Dps made about it, including that of a man with a battalion of soldiers to guard him after purchasing it. 🙂

I am not very particular about specs but you can find the full review here if you wish to read up about it and maybe buy it.

However, the big question is this? Can you spend close to 500k to buy it? I remember the buzz caused by the price of Blackberry Porsche when it was released by RIM.

I checked the price on Amazon.com and guess what I saw.. [see the screen capture below or click the link to see the price.]

iphone 6



Well, I guess buying it depends on your pay check!




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