[Updated] Naija Deaf Got Talent: A debut Talent show set to happen in Owerri


naija deaf got talentA first of it’s kind talent show is set to hold in Owerri the Imo state capital on the 26th of October, 2014.

It is going to be a unique talent/entertainment show because all presentations will be done by people who can neither speak nor hear. This has never been done in any part of Nigeria before as major talent shows like the Project Fame and Nigeria Idol all focus on entertainers who can speak and also hear.

However, the organizers of this event wish to tell Nigerians and the whole world that the Nigerian deaf people also got awesome talents even though they are neglected most times with little or no provision made for the welfare and special needs.

This event will bring to the spotlight what these amazing young people have to offer which we fail to recognize. As a result of this neglect, they tend to shy away from the society that should be protecting them. They also exhibit so much distrust and most times tend to be violent towards other people.

This noble cause and initiative was made possible by Dr. Emma Asonye, a speech pathologist through his organization, Save the Deaf & Endangered Languages Initiative.

In an exclusive chat with AlaOwerri.com during one of their practice sessions, he said the primary aim of the concert/show is to raise support and also fight for the vulnerable. He listed so many challenges the deaf people are faced with simply because they cannot speak and hear. According to him, their inability to speak and hear shouldn’t negatively affect their lives but the reverse is the case especially here in Nigeria.

Dr. Emma also shared his experiences while attending some international conferences where people who can neither hear nor speak were presenting researches and comfortably using their hi-tech gadgets. He shares similar dreams and vision for the Nigerian deaf people.

He also informed us that an official press statement about the event will be made on the 27th of October, 2014 at the venue of the event.

The venue for the event is the All Seasons Hotel, Owerri by 3pm and it will feature various presentations from the deaf young people.

Got this interesting pictures during one of their practice sessions.

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