Deaf Awareness week ends with press conference announcing the Naija Deaf got talent event


naija deaf got talent

The press conference that officially announced the Naija Deaf Got Talent held at the All Seasons Hotel Owerri on the 26th of September, 2014. The press conference was also used to officially mark the end of the deaf awareness week which is celebrated with various activities all over the world. It has never been celebrated in Nigeria for the first time till now.

The Naija Deaf Got Talent event which is a debut in Nigeria aims to bring the speech impaired young people to the spotlight and tell the world that they exist and are not a waste.

The event is organized by the save the deaf and endangered languages initiative. According to its founder, Dr Emma Asonye, this children are never a nuisance to the society, they are also very smart and can outperform most people who have all their biological functions in place. He also regretted that there are no defined plans and policies made for their welfare which leads to dangerous end for a vast majority of them.

Dr Asonye reiterated that these children are not deformed, disabled or incomplete but are rather special and require special need. He also said that their only language of communication which is the sign language is endangered and needs to be saved.

He shared his dreams and vision for them in the next five years and enjoins all concerned agencies, organizations, governments and corporate bodies to partner with them to change the story of the deaf in Nigeria.

We recently reported that the event will hold on the 26th of October 2014 the all seasons hotel Owerri.

In his contributions, the chairman of Deaf children parental care association commended the efforts of the organization and shared his own personal experiences of being a parent of the deaf. Other parents also shared their experiences and were grateful the organization is passionate about helping their children realize their full potentials.

The press conference ended successfully with press men from various media house in attendance.

Dr Emma and his team can be reached for partnership or further inquiries by calling +2348038745904 or visit their official website

 Photos from the press conference coming soon…


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