Human trafficking, Ritual Killings or Organ Trafficking? What are we faced with?


It is sad to note that with the level civilization is going, we are still struggling with some medieval challenges in Nigeria that shouldn’t even be a topic for discussion.

Last time, it was the city of Ibadan that was all over the media with news of discovery of hideouts for ritualists. I was scanning the web this morning and read about a Poly Nekede student who in collaboration with her boyfriend, sold her new born bady for N620,000. There was another story of gunmen snatching a 2week old baby and handing the baby over to some people who reportedly came from the middle-belt region of Nigeria. All this happened in our own Imo state just last month. There have also been stories of uncovering “baby factories” in the past.

After reading through this and recalling events in the past, I couldn’t help wondering the motive for some of these atrocious acts.

Are these unfortunate victims used for ritual purposes (in this age?), human trafficking or organ trafficking.

We obviously have our own theories and opinion about all these but after considering various things, I think we are faced with a large and well connected organ/human trafficking syndicate in this country.

Considering the strict immigration laws and with advancement in technology, I doubt if human trafficking is still a viable venture for those who engage in it. Because the immigration and other agencies that work in airports and borders are becoming very good with what they do

I remember the first time I used the Murtala Mohammed Int’l Airport this year, it was as if the questions won’t end. From one point to another, they kept asking questions. So I doubt if a human trafficker will go through all those without being discovered at some point. I know they are likely to have their routes too and insiders in the various agencies. So there’s still a possibility.

Ritual killings for financial benefits are not very popular these days even though there’s a possibility it still exists.

So my guess is organ trafficking since very little babies are also involved in most cases. It’s not very likely they are going to be nursed to adulthood for other nefarious purposes.

There was a very dangerous investigative work done by a staff of Premium Times early this year. The journalist risked her life to try and uncover an untold story of the human trafficking underworld of Nigeria. From what she revealed, it’s very obvious that there are highly placed individuals who are pressing buttons and making things happen.

It’s worrisome to note that people don’t give a second thought to harming others if only they can get what they want. We may not be able to fight them head on but our little efforts in staying vigilante and conscious of our environment can help thwart their evil plans and save lives.

The government, policy makers and concerned agencies should have strategies in place to protect the citizens especially young girls as they always the victims in the cases of human trafficking where they are forced into prostitution. There are people who adopt for genuine reasons. They should also make it possible for these people to adopt without much difficulty. These group of are different from those who have ulterior motives because they are usually willing to follow all due processes and not to cut corners.

There have been various calls to end violence and abuse against girls including the recent and ongoing Thunder Clap: Let her shine Campaign. You can add your support to the cause and share with friends also.

I must commend the efforts of security personnel who stay up even while others are comfortably lying on their beds to ensure these unrepentant criminals don’t succeed. I believe that good will eventually triumph over evil.

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