Reasons why these two fast food centers in Owerri are awkward


It is a usual practice to see people having small meetings and discussions inside eateries and fast food centers. Some even choose this locations to conduct serious business transactions. Fast food centers are exploiting this customer need and boosting their sales by making sure that clients are comfortable and have all they need when they visit them.

But that is not the case for these two fast food centers in Owerri.

First, Country Style Chicken located along Orlu road, Amakohia. A friend choose the place as venue for a brief meeting we held while planning activities for the World Aids Day that held on 1st December, 2014. As soon as he brought out his laptop to show me somethings he had done, he was approached by one of the staff (he was polite though) and was told that people are not allowed to use laptops in the place. I was really shocked considering the fact that similar businesses even go as far as providing free WiFi hotspot for customers who patronize them. I still wonder why the management is doing that.

Second is KFC located along MCC road, Wetheral. Okay, you can use your laptop here but you have to deposit money if the meeting exceeds 5 persons. When your meeting commence, you can then make your order from the money deposited. When asked, the manager explained that without that, people just walk into their place, have their meetings and walk out without even buying a bottle of water from them. And when they meet them to try and make purchases, they always claim the person who will pay is yet to arrive. So they had to adopt that strategy because they need to sustain their business.

They have a point for their action but it still feels strange that  one has to deposit a specified amount before starting a meeting.


Do you know any other fast food in Owerri where there are strange rules? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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