14 Leadership lessons learnt from Dr. Linus Okorie of GOTNI


The inauguration of the Guardians of the Nation International weekly leadership forum took place on Sunday at the Rockview Hotel Owerri. It was an event am still thankful I attended. To say my expectations were met would be subtle. They were far exceeded. I had a tip of what to expect when I informed someone in church about the event and asked him to come. He shouted “GOTNI?! Wow! I know them. I have attended their program in Abuja once. I paid N10, 000 for it. I will definitely be there”.

Its true people spend a lot of money on capacity building but it’s always in the minority so when he said that, I wanted to find out what really made the tick. They didn’t disappoint at all.

Listening to Dr. Linus Okorie speak to the room full of both old and young people passionate to see a transformed Nigeria gave me hope that we will someday see the Nigeria of our dreams.

Here are 14 lessons I grabbed within that short time he spoke.

  1. Successful African Leadership models that have worked are only those that are not self-centered and egotistical but rather focused on common good of the people. This is the center of good leadership. Sad enough, this type of leadership is very rare. We only see leadership models focused on self-promotion and this results in one party system where you have to belong or crushed if you are in the opposition.
  1. Leadership isn’t about age but philosophy and ideology: Most people believe young people have the capacity to be better leaders because they are more energetic. This assumption isn’t always right because a young person with the wrong ideologies about leadership will definitely make a terrible leader.
  1. Good leadership comes from a mindset to make positive change and building sustainable relationships is very important on that journey.
  1. The purpose of leadership is to influence the society, touch lives, and transform people’s lives.
  1. Nehemiah in the bible is a good model of leadership – I hope to study it very soon.
  1. Being self-contented is very important to becoming a successful leader.
  1. Never take people for granted because you never know who they will become tomorrow.
  1. Three things are very important to make a difference in your life and the life of others. #Self-Discovery #Personal Development #Self Mastery.
  1. It is very wrong to accept a leadership responsibility when you are not ready. He disclosed that this has destroyed many political critics. They take so much time criticizing the government and don’t prepare themselves to lead. When they are eventually offered opportunities to lead, they end up doing worse than those they were criticizing.
  1. Self-audit helps in personal development. Be honest to yourself.
  1. Look for success stories, meet them, sit with them and ask them questions. Don’t start highlighting your insignificant achievements (especially young people). You can also learn from those who failed. At least you will know things to run away from.
  1. Good ideas and strategies can achieve much more than money.
  1. Leadership goes beyond politics. Good leadership is indispensable in every facet of life not just in politics.
  1. It’s not enough to spend your whole time criticizing those in power because it can come to you when you least expect it. Take time to develop and prepare yourself too.



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