Share thoughts, events and stories around you on ‘Talk Am Now’


Access and use of information will continue to shape the way we live our lives on a daily basis. Governments cannot function effectively if they don’t have information on the  state of affairs in the communities they govern.

This has led us to introduce this initiative called TalkAmNow!

It is a citizen reporting initiative we hope to use to give voice to the voiceless. The potential reach  of the internet is limitless and we want to use it to tell the world about what is happening in our various communities. With the introduction of social media, internet users have also become publishers and creators of content. But more often than not, the reach of the content we create is limited to only our friends and their friend if they decide to share it.

But here on, we want to use all available tools to let the right people get your message. The stories must not be negative stories. As a media company that is dedicated to developmental journalism in the state, we are also on the look out for those beautiful stories that are neglected.

So if you have an opinion you wish to share or show the world, simply send it to us and we will do justice to it.

You can send in four formats: Video recording, audio recording, typed document, picture.

Send any of the above formats to and leave the rest to us. We will also be using the hashtag #TalkAMNow on Twitter to organize all conversations related to this.


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