Mixed reactions greet Coca-Cola’s SHAREACOKENG campaign in Owerri


The Coca-Cola ShareACoke marketing campaign which has proved to be very successful since its conception and launch in some parts of the world has made its way into the Nigerian market. The campaign strategy involved customizing Coca-Cola drinks with names of different people and letting them share the special moments of finding a drink marked with their names with family and friends.

IBPulse.com, a blog that focuses on happenings in the ancient city of Ibadan reported that people were seen on various Shoprite stores searching for Coca-Cola drinks with their names on it. Pictures of Nigerians searching for their names on the Coca-Cola drinks have also been circulating the social media.

However, the craze appears not to be affecting residents of Owerri. I wasn’t particularly interested in writing about it until I saw a friend use it as his BBM Display picture. On inquiry, he revealed he ordered it from Coca-Cola office at the rate of Two thousand Naira. I didn’t comment. I only decided to investigate and write about it. I spoke with the manager of the popular Everyday Supermarket and he said they have exhausted their first batch of the customized Coca-Cola drinks which was available from the second week of January. Concerning the reaction of people, he said not much was attached to it. In his words “there is not much hype about it”. According to him, some people were probably seeing it for the first time because they usually asked why the drinks had names instead of the usual company name. After explanations, they usually smiled, paid for their drinks and left. He said they are expecting another batch of delivery very soon.

Another Owerri resident, Mrs Adanna informed me that her inlaw bought the drink with his name “BRIGHT” on the bottle and was very excited about it. According to her, he got his from Destiny Super Market, also located in Ikenegbu.

So if you want one, maybe you should check them out.


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