How MTN saved hundreds from going blind in Owerri


The MTN has helped hundreds of people and saved them from  going blind during their free eye treatment and surgeries in Owerri recently. The exercise took place at the Imo State Specialist Hosital, Umuguma Owerri and patients were treated for various eye problems while others had free surgeries to treat pterygium and cataract. While they have packed up and left with their team, the benefactors will continue to be thankful to them for a very long time to come. I am personally thankful too because a very close and dear relation benefited. I know other members of my Church who also benefited from the free eye treatment.

It has become a somewhat general belief that most of the telecommunication companies in Nigeria don’t do anything with the intention of maximally benefiting their subscribers as most initiatives are basically aimed at putting more money into the pockets of the companies.

Am glad MTN has stepped up to challenge that belief and produced results that will speak in their favour for a very long time. The gratitude emanating from the faces of the beneficiaries was palpable as they all wore their black glasses after their surgeries.

I overheard a man telling his wife and kid how happy he was and how easily he could read things without any difficulty compared to his condition before the surgery. He had a surgery on the left eye and was treated for pterigium.

A tech journalist, Paul told me he is really impressed by the show of goodwill and social responsibility displayed by MTN and to him, it’s enough as a show of appreciation to customers for their loyalty over the years.


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