The mystery water from a tree in FUTO: Miracle or science?


A mysterious event was reported at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) on Wednesday. Eye witness account revealed that water started coming out from one of the trees inside the school premises. Trust Nigerians, people started rushing to get the water. People reportedly drank the water while others washed their bodies believing it will cure them of one sickness or the other. A majority of the people who came to witness the phenomenon also came along with kegs of various sizes to take some away.

Even some students who are expected to be more critical and analytic were seen struggling with the villagers to get a feel of the “Miracle healing water” because according to them, the water came from God.

A lecturer however, gave a plausible theory concerning the mystery water. According to him, it’s possible that a water pipe burst under the tree and with capillary action and pressure, rose through the pores of the tree and now pouring out.

This is very possible considering the fact living things continue to grow until they die. It’s possible that the roots of the tree burst the pipe below since they never stop growing. It is this gullibility and constant seeking of miracles and easy way out of challenges that always put us into trouble.

Below is a video and pictures from the scene.

water 8

water 5

water 9



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