Please, If you are 41years and above, kindly redirect this message by any means to any young man or woman you know that lives in this country, because, this message is aimed at such group. However, if you are between 41years and above, you should read it, digest it and absorb the contents because we live in a society where what touches one touches all, according to Walter Bagehot, a British philosopher.

It is important to introduce myself briefly so that you can understand where I am coming from and why I am concerned to write this message to the Nigerian youths.

A senior citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with solid education from both Nigeria and the United States where I received three degrees in disciplines that expose a person and widen his or her scope of world view and make such a person to be in a position to understand the unlimited activities of man, be able to analyze them with a view to predicting the current and future consequences of such activities. Therefore, believe it, I am solidly educated and possess substantial knowledge and experience in almost every aspect of Nigeria’s political, social and economic circumstances.

If you know me personally or by reputation, you should know that for several years until now, I have been involved in writing series newspaper articles, columns, commentaries, delivering lectures at both national and international forum with a view to enabling Nigerian citizens to understand what is going on in the society. In a way, I have imposed on myself the responsibility of enlightening, informing and educating Nigerians to enable them participate in various political, economic and social matters. This self imposed responsibility is a personal call because I should have preferred to remain in the United States, where I would be happier and more comfortable particularly in view of my severe vision challenge. But remaining in my country to help its development, gives me greater personal satisfaction than what America could offer me.

As you already know, in the next few days, a general election to elect the President and members of the National Assembly, House of Representatives and senators would be held. As in every election world over, youths are vibrant and alert group which must participate in moving the country forward at any given time. But due to wild spread poverty in the country, some of the youths have been lured into participating in the electoral processes wrongly, thereby failing to contribute to positive change that could help to improve on the economic circumstances which in return would bring about desired positive change aimed at moving the country forward. It is because I sincerely wish the Nigerian youths to effectively participate in these elections so that their votes and contributions should help to move the country forward that I am writing this message.

I have found it imperatively pertinent to address this message to the Nigerian youths because in view of the violent propaganda being unleashed in the course of these electioneering campaigns regarding the issue of CHANGE, our youths or some of them may be deceived or cajoled into misunderstanding the real CHANGE we deserve in order to move this country continually forward.

For this message to be properly understood, it is important to address briefly the issue of CHANGE.

According to Wilberforce Crass, “change can be positive or negative, the only change that could move the society forward is that change which advocates progressive movement and not that which factors the past, reverts to the past in order to transform abruptly the desired change they want which in often circumstances do not flow with the natural course of sequence. That is a negative change.”

When APC talks of change, a movement or progression of the Nigerian State, they are talking of negative change which pushes us back to old things and for us not to move forward but to adopt a radical change that would bring distortion in the Nigerian Nation. We must reject such a change.

Let me draw this analogy of two ships that want to cross a canal to reach a golden shore. The captain of one ship does not know how to commence the crossing. He tried three times and each time failed. The other captain knows how to begin and sets up a plan that would enable his ship cross, though with difficulties of overcoming sea currents and torrents. His ship continues to persevere, fumbling, wobbling and often close to sea wreck. But with calmness of the mind, courage of the heart and indeed prayerful, he reached the middle of the canal. His challenge became too severe but he became more resilient, steering his ship on a straight course because he could see the golden shore in front. For him, there is nothing like giving up because the alternative is complete ship wreck. Sighting that the other captain had reach the middle of the canal, the second captain who has failed three times started on a process of changing a course of the journey. Then he began, by the time he would have reached the middle of the canal, the first captain had reached the golden shore with his men and materials, though trembled, they were happy and jolly because they had finally made it to the golden shore. Because the other captain changed the course of his ship, men and materials would never make it because the golden shore has already been occupied by the courageous, coolheaded captain.

There is no doubt that this analogy reads instructive bells to the minds of the Nigerian youths.

Buhari represents the captain of the ship that has tried three times and failed, while Jonathan represents the captain with plan of action.

Nigerian youths, the choice is yours, because, it is better to vote for Goodluck Jonathan who has now learnt the art of Statecraft. With the magnitude of challenges he has overcome, his next four years would certainly help Nigeria see light at the end of the tunnel, because, the worst is over for him as the President.


Finally, let me quote an American philosopher, Winchester Haas, “here are the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in square holes, and the ones who see things differently. They are not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. They are bringers of negative change.”

You are often referred to as LEADERS OF TOMORROW. Good, but you must begin today to prepare for your own leadership.

The choice is yours and the right choice is to vote for stability, tranquility, unity and cohesive existence of Nigeria because within it all things would be possible, including your expected tomorrow.

Wishing all those who read and assimilate this, a positively resounding victory during this most trying and challenging election.


Chuks Osuji, PhD, Pol. Sc and History,

University of North Texas, USA.


Dated at Owerri this 26th Day of March, 2015.


Disclaimer: This post reflects the opinions of the guest author and not necessarily those of


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