So who will elect the new President tomorrow?


It is very worrisome to discover how uninterested a good number of Nigerians are when it comes to electing new political office holders. This is probably because they have completely lost confidence in the election process which some of them now tag “selection”. Another possible reason for this indifference is the issue of insecurity and possible breakdown of law and order after polls.

I have been asking a lot of people in Owerri since the past week what they thought about the coming presidential election are and the response I get have been the same 90 percent of the time. Most of the respondents tell me they don’t have intention to vote. They plan to take the time and sleep till they are tired of sleeping.

Now I ask, who is going to elect our new president tomorrow if most people are not interested to vote.


Please help Nigeria elect a leader tomorrow. Vote don’t fight and Protect your vote.

You can help tell the world what is happening in your polling unit and follow what is happening in other boots in Imo state. Visit to submit a report of what is happening in your boot.


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