Accident along Onitsha – Owerri road leaves residents shocked


    Nwachukwu Livinus

    A serious accident that happened along Owerri-Onitsha Express way precisely at Irete, involving an ITC (Imo Transport Company) hummer bus and a Toyota Camry left residents of the area shocked at the severity of the accident.

    According to a first-hand witness’ account, the accident occurred when one of tyres of the Toyota Camry car busted, the driver lost focus and hit the hummer bus on speed lane, resulting in rapid, spiral turning of the transport vehicle before it came to a halt close to a filling station construction site. Although no life was lost, some passengers in the bus sustained injuries; while the two vehicles were significantly damaged. IMG-20150428-WA000


    The drivers of the two vehicles were speechless themselves as they inspected their vehicles, even as people gathered to sympathize with them. Residents, passersbys, shop owners and motorists along the busy road trooped out to witness the scene. Many of them gathered to observe and narrate the event, expressing surprise on how the bus spiraled severally after the impact.


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