Where is the ‘corporate hawker’ in Owerri?


I just saw a tweet and followed it to a post on BBC about this young teacher in Ghana who wears suit to sell water melon. Read his story:

“My pastor always says dress well no matter the job you do, so I decided to wear a suit,” he told me.

“Some laugh at me, others encourage me and are willing to help me,” he says.

It seems like it pays off.

“I make 100% profit. I think it is because of how I dress, people notice me easily and want to buy from me,” Mr Nartey said.

The 25-year-old is a primary school teacher and sells watermelons during weekends and when the school is on vacation. He is saving up to buy an oven and wants to one day own his own snack bar.

The story reminded me of a similar guy who dresses very well, with a well sown tuxedo, shoes and palmed hair to sell snacks at Imo State University and around town those days. Some students used to be scared of buying from him. There were so many insinuations about his ‘swag’ and packaging. I wonder where he is because I haven’t been seeing him around anymore.

Do you know where he is? When was the last time you saw him? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Abdul-Rahman Diallo 


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