CBN new directive on dud cheques and publishing names of chronic debtors


I received from my bank yesterday and I thought I should share with my readers and those who are yet to get it or don’t emails at all from their banks.

Recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a directive requesting Banks to periodically publish names of their delinquent/chronic debtors/customers with non-performing loans in the national dailies. Note that delinquent debtors include persons, entities, directors, subsidiaries and other related parties and these parties will consequently be blacklisted and or banned by CBN from participating in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange market as well as the Government Securities market.

Furthermore, to stop the issuance of dishonored (dud) cheques and instill confidence and integrity in the Nigerian negotiable instruments the CBN has directed banks and finance houses to implement the following measures against serial issuers of dud cheques:

1.     Recall/cancel all unused cheque books issued to the account holder;

2.     Prevent the account holder from using the clearing system for a period of 5 (five) years;

3.     Send the account holder’s name to the three private credit bureaus and the credit risk management system prescribed by the Central Bank of Nigeria; and

4.     Bar the serial issuers of dud cheque from accessing credit facilities from the banking system;

5.     Send the account holder’s name to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for further investigations and prosecution

We trust you will take note of above recent policies in the conduct of your business to avert its consequences.


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