Owerri residents spend more money on Churches – MC Spyce


Owerri still has a lot to be desired in the entertainment and tourism industry even though it appears to be the destination place for most people living in nearby cities. A good number of people travel to Owerri during weekends to relax and ease off after their week-long activities and this has led many to believe it has a booming tourism and entertainment industry. People living here know better and the truth is that we can still do better than what is presently obtainable.

In a recent chat with AlaOwerri.comMC SPYCE confirmed this fact when he said Owerri doesn’t have enough fun places to cater for it’s teeming and gradually increasing population. He said residents mostly spend their money on food, health, Churches and other basic things. According to him, they don’t have enough good places to get quality entertainment. Using cinema as an example, the whole of Owerri has just a single cinema which is 360 Cinema located inside All Seasons Hotel. This is in sharp contrast to cities like Port Harcourt and even Ibadan that is regarded as an ancient city.

MC SPYCE is the curator of an innovative project that is coming up very soon in Owerri. The program is organized in partnership with the All Seasons Hotel Owerri and is aimed at discovering and mentoring talented young people to become good comedians and master of ceremonies. The project will help them develop more confidence in this area and eventually earn a living from it. This will eventually keep them engaged and take them off the streets irrespective of whatever career they are pursuing. MC SPYCE himself is a pharmacist and is also very passionate about stand up comedy.

The project, tagged CRACK WITH THE MIC has various exciting rewards and prices for participants.

Click here to get more details about the project and how to participate.


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