The structure that replaced Lifeline Assembly Church in Owerri – Picture + Video


This post is dedicated to anyone who used to attend the Lifeline Assembly Church or had anything to do with that area. The Church has already moved to their permanent site at Ohii along the Owerri – Orlu road. The building was pulled down to help solve the heavy traffic challenge on that particular spot. And since it was removed, there have been a lot of improvement and people are testifying to it.

In the past, if you are going to pass through Warehouse junction, you have to add extra 20 minutes to spend along that road. That is when there is no serious traffic. Even as traffic has improved tremendously along that road, most Owerri residents still have it in their sub-conscious to always avoid that road. I remember some months ago I was heading towards New Market with a friend. The road was obviously the shortest route to our destination but he started turning towards government house before he was reminded that the warehouse road is now free.

The space created by removing the Church has been replaced by an artificial water fall or do I say fountain? Decided to take some pictures of the place today to share with you. People have already started taking pictures around the place. And I think kids love it too..




IMG_0180 _MG_0189 _MG_0192



Check out the short video below….


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