Why I like Skyebank’s New Branch along Wetheral Road


The fact that the new branch is located along the popular Wetheral road is enough reason to like it because I think it’s safe to say that Wetheral is to Owerri what Victoria Island is to Lagos. Almost all major banks have their branches located here if it’s not already on Bank road. Some of them (Access Bank and Zenith) even have their branches located on both roads.

The building was previously occupied by Mainstreet Bank before they were acquired by Skyebank.

The new branch also means they are the first bank along the Wetheral road if you are coming from Government House, Orji or Bank road.

Their initial location though central and very accessible to business men and women in the Eke Ukwu Market, it is very off from people who had no business with with going to Douglas or detested the rowdy nature of Douglas. I operate an account with them and I have not gone to update my BVN because of this single reason. The Douglas branch also stopped admitting new customers by 3pm but the new branch staying till the normal close of work. I found out because I visited them last week around 3:45pm (I decided to update the BVN finally) and they were still letting people in.

I took some pictures from across the road…

IMG_0539 IMG_0543


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