When Schools Become Church Extensions: Need for Imo State Govt to Check Activities of Private Schools


When Schools Become Church extensions: Need for Imo State Govt to Check Activities of Private Schools

There is an urgent need for the monitoring team at the Ministry of Education in Imo state to step up to their responsibilities by ensuring that some private schools operating in the state are not over stepping their boundaries especially schools managed by religious organizations.

Take Living Word Academy located at Spibath, Akwakuma for instance. Yesterday was Monday and the management decided it was the best time to bring out all their staff and students under the sun for what I can only describe as a school crusade. The ministers preached, sang, casted out demons (I say this because they were shouting on top of their voices, speaking in tongues and some students were falling) before ending at around 1:30pm according to reports from someone who stays in the area.IMG_2832

I want to believe that they were given a license by the ministry of education to teach their students and leave the soul saving for the Churches.

Calling out students for a mini crusade under the hot sun (if you are in Owerri, you will understand what I mean) is very unnecessary and concerned bodies should look into this before it becomes a norm.


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