Barr Uche Corner | By my checks in Owerri and the citizens protest action


Barr Uche Corner | By my checks in Owerri and the citizens protest action

I moved around some parts of Owerri to observe things for myself. I intend moving to more places to observe things by myself. Mine is a citizen’s observation of the public protest. I found that all the public schools visited have closed. The teachers and the students were seen leaving.

The students are not happy. Many of them were complaining of the ‘increased cost of transport money’ to school. We should not take the young ones for granted. They know the essence of the protest and are not saying no to it.

I think that the Federal Government can come out of this situation stronger, if it will deeply reflect on the contending issues and ask itself the salient questions the opponents of the increase are asking. The opponents of the hike are patriots and mean well for the country. They are interested in Nigeria’s today and future. If their views are aggregated and analyzed, Nigeria, they could be the catalyst we need to be great.

May I state here that anti-poor policies and actions do not strengthen any government. Instead, they will cost a government both moral and political capital as they pave way to the deepening of the stronghold of hawks who pretend to be helping the government to cause development in a country and or stabilize the government.

However, government is a team work. So, Mr. President is in this together with his Ministers, Assistants and Advisers. The point is that this government should make a quick turn around to embrace the masses of this country, if its dream of change will come to pass.

If I am involved in the government, my advice would have been . . . .

Culled from the  Facebook page of Barr Uche Durueke


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