Hype foundation is hosting young leaders summit in Owerri on Children’s day


Hype foundation is hosting young leaders summit in Owerri on Children’s day

This year’s children’s day celebration in Owerri will feature a unique event packaged by Hype (Harnessing Young People Early) foundation, a non-governmental organization, established in 2004 that recognizes that the youth are the future of our nation whose potentials need to be channeled early to circumvent their vulnerability.

According to a release signed by the president of the foundation, Mr Uzodinma Akalonu, the goal of the Young Leaders’ Summit (Y.L.S) is to directly inspire and train teenagers across the nation. It employs the use of short productive seminars and interactions targeted at training Secondary School students in Imo state. It also provides a platform for these youngsters to actively engage in community development and take leadership initiatives.

“Over the years, Y.L.S has been held in major cities in Nigeria; Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Jos, Abakiliki, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Nassarawa and Owerri. This is the second time we are holding it in Imo state, the first time was in 2012 and we successfully trained over 200 students, some of which have become part of H.Y.P.E Foundation.” The statement read.

“In the course of organizing these training sessions, HYPE has encountered, counseled and helped young girls whose lives were endangered by early pregnancies and marriages, abuse, financial handicap etc. HYPE also came across young boys in similar situations some of whom were supported through school, some assisted in their business ideas through our fund raising system. These circumstances have fired our zeal and commitment to higher levels.

Our next line of action which is “Grooming the Next Generation ” will be conducted by professionals in the various sectors of society.”

One of the very important topics to be treated during the summit is  THE USE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA TO EFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE SOCIETY.

The event is slated to hold on 27th May 2016 ( Children’s Day) by 10am at the Golden Heart Place, Happy Day Arena, Akwakuma Orlu road, Owerri.


  1. I like what you guys are doing ,it will help people to get easily access to things that is happening in Owerri.


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