Imo politics and the Ifeanyi Ubah example


Imo politics and the Ifeanyi Ubah example

I have, for some years watched with dismay, how politics is played in my beloved Imo with reckless abandon. The kind of politics being brought to forebear in Imo is highly reminiscent of “egwu onwa umuaka” where children wobble and ululate to their pleasure.

The three geopolitical zones in Imo, no doubt, is besprinkled with political heavyweights, but they’re men yet to grapple the positive essence of their weight, perhaps, the weight is borne out of the sheer magnitude of their suffocating bank accounts.

The inability of these heavyweights to arrive at a commong ground during their endless electoral politicking is nauseating enough to despoil the noble mind. Hence, a meticulous observer will note with dismay that the brand of politicians we have in Imo are men only after their daily bread, the people, to them, does not matter, they’re pawns for disparate gambling. That is why you will see a politician appear from nowhere to come and start preaching rescue or change or redemption and other sickening slogans to sway the thinking faculty of the numerous simpletons that are Imo voters. Rarely have we had public office seekers who are homebuilt and homebred, rather, we are inoculated with diaspora politicians even within Nigeria. Take for instance, the present governor of the state, who before his entrant into Douglas House, could not be said to have spent one whole year in Imo state penultimate the dawn of his ambition. Same applies to very many of them who cannot sit down and write out the 27 local governments of Imo state without guide. They, like kites, fly down to share in the flames of a flying fire, without first-hand knowledge of how the fire was started in the first place.

Without being misunderstood, let me quickly point out that there is nothing wrong with diaspora politicians, in fact, yours sincerely believes that those of our brothers in Europe could make better administrators, coming from climes where things are properly done, the simple logic is that, if given the opportunity, they could bring European standards to bear in our highly abused Power Houses here. But I stand to be corrected, that, just a handful of them dare to keep in touch with home, only few fly in every now and then to see and appreciate our woes by themselves, many simply dwell on the aide of social media and umu nnadi  before they get wind of what is happening and that is how not to be a disaporan. From little research, it is discovered that, of all the gubernatorial aspirants that returned from diaspora in the last election in Imo, only the likes of Ike C. Ibe comes in now and then to interact with Ndi Imo. Without much ado, Ike C. Ibe is running an NGO that is devoted to emancipating the less privileged, his recent beneficiary, Chibueze and his family is a concrete example, but how enough is the effort of one man out of a plenitude of many? Where are the likes of Ukanacho, Iheanacho, Agbaso, Ken Oziri and others who only but remember Imo during elections.

The few that manage to stay in Nigeria have simply withdrawn into their shells, mutedly waiting for 2019, aside Emeka Ihedioha, none else has been constructively critical of the present administration who is simply running “Familiocracy”. In fact, since after failing to dethrone Rochas, Ihedioha, unlike his peers, has remained steadfast in voicing out his displeasure about the current misrule in Imo. He is the only notable opposing voice, yet, that is hardly enough, because one man’s cry could be regarded as ara ocha or anya ufu, since no one man could choose to be sane in the community of thousands of mad people, so I ask, does the silence of other political opponents of Owelle and/or APC an assumption of madness?

Like Ihedioha, Ohakim is at home, but we barely hear his voice. Ararume is very much around, but his silence is even more suspicious, judging from the obvious. Chris Anyanwu and the likes of Jude Njoku are all very much alive and around, but silence is indeed ” a sneaky warrior “.

I would rather suggest that if these our aspirants want us to take them serious, then the Ifeanyi Ubah formula must come to play. Losing the last guber election in Anambra has not in anyway deterred the spirited effort of this innovative fellow to the development of his state. Ifeanyi Ubah, a business mogul/philanthropist, seem to understand what is at stake, he knows that the development and progress of a state is not just the Power holder’s business, it is entailing as well as embracive, reason why he stayed back in Anambra to contribute his quota to state/national development, believing that one must not be in government house to make a change. Aside other sundry investments in oil and co, the thirty thousand capacity stadium recently built singlehandedly by this man is strong enough to boost the sports business in Anambra, which is in itself, a separate and money making industry. The football club he founded has in no small measure, added to boosting employment and by so doing helped to save the state the unnerving worry of job providence. To me, this is a politician, this is an astute definition of philanthropy, this is patriotism. Ifeanyi Ubah could choose to keep his money and keep firing shots at Anambra Government House, but, true to his words, he intends to “elevate Anambra”  in any way he can, he didn’t wait to be elected.

Hence, I implore Imo politicians to borrow a leaf from this man who didn’t fall from Jupita. Many may argue about financial clout and my response is simply MEE NGA AKA GI HA, GBALIA IKE GI and leave room for others to do something. If the myriad of governor wannabes in Imo should emulate Ifeanyi Ubah by implanting income and employment oriented structures on ground, it will all but help create smoother inroads into Douglas House, and again, they must not all be governors before contributing their quota.

I dare challenge them to stop the proliferation of hotels and filling stations; we have had enough. We need industries, companies and other concrete investments that will boost employment opportunities for our teeming youths while also enriching such investor and enhancing the state’s IGR. Some can go to IMSU and put in something there. The medical college of IMSU is replete with outclassed and moribund lab equipments, their Computer department has nothing to show for it and even the Engineering Faculty. Humanities Faculty has only one rotten block and no classrooms and enough offices for lecturers. Some of you can do something about and name the blocks after yourselves. Imo State Polytechnic is nothing to write home about, so you see, there are things yet undone, which could guarantee you everlasting legacy.

Show us the love with the little you have before we enthrust you with our commonwealth “Maka na onye na agaghi enyeli mgbe onwere ihe di ntakiri, agaghi enye mgbe akpa ya juru”.

Ka Imo Di Mma Ozo!

I am Ifesinachi Johnpaul Nwadike.


  1. Exact analysis… I don’t know if Imo is cursed with unpatriotism and internal hatred. Our big men take all their investments out of our state. Unfortunate!


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