​Okorowu Dedicates Victory to God, Albert and ISOPADEC Students


    ​Okorowu Dedicates Victory to God, Albert and ISOPADEC Students

    The President-elect of Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission Students’ Union Government State, *Comr. Martin Zubby Okorowu*, has promised not to fail the students of the oil rich region of Imo state that elected him.

    Okorowu, who contested for the office of the President was declared winner of the general election held on June 4th by the ISOPADEC SUG Electoral Committee headed by Snr Comr. Sunny Nnabuo.

    He had scored 139 votes accrual to the fact that his supposed opponent withdrew from the race moments before the commencement of the voting process.

    Okorowu, who spoke shortly after he was declared the winner of the poll, told Alaowerri.com, that the victory is from God through the people.

    He commended, *Comr. Albert Lucky Samuel*, for gallantly move and sacrifice made for peaceful coexistence by stepping down for him.

    “I wish to express my profound gratitude, first, to the Almighty God whose infinate grace has allowed us to see this day”, he said.

    “This victory is of God through the people. It is not for me or my supporters alone; it is a victory for the students of Oguta and Ohaji-Egbema irrespective of which side of the divide you stood during the election. For me, it is a challenge to perform. It is a call to restore our union and reverse its fortunes.”

    “I thank the people of my dear hydrocarbon region for their steadfastness. I have heard their messages throughout the campaign to all the nooks and crannies of the state.”

    Today, you have spoken with one voice. You have walked your talk. You have voted for me as your President for the next 2 years.

    “Today, change has come. I hereby make a solemn pledge that this collective mandate shall address all issues with keen determination. The welfare of our people alone shall be the directive policy of this government.


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