A personal account of the Impact Project Owerri


Nigeria is a country faced with numerous problems and the most common especially among the teeming youth is unemployment.

With every passing year, varsities graduate students who join this “jobless society” that registers members free of charge.

A lot of brainstorming has been done to proffer long-lasting solutions to this compounding problem and one, although clearly in our faces for a long time has finally been discovered – Entrepreneurship.

Mrs Uche Onwuamaegbu, Founder of Edufun STEM Hub takes participants through her entrepreneurship journey

A lot of people have heard about the word and most likely know the basics and the idea of it but not the “main stuff” and that is where The Impact Project (TIP) steps in.

The project organized by the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria (MWFAAN) and jointly executed by AlaOwerri.com and Enactus team enlightened and empowered participants on entrepreneurship and related principles.

It was an eye opener in every ramification as facilitators conversant with the new order of modern entrepreneurship interacted with the students and gave them tips on how to handle various aspects of the intended business ranging from the birth of the idea to its execution and expansion.

Chidi Duru spoke on the importance of creating a niche on social media through digital marketing and leveraging on digital tools to get to the consumers.

Nnamdi Ajah, who also happens to a FUTO Alumnus iterated the use of strategic marketing to advertise products and service and the need for an entrepreneur to understand his customers, the environment he finds himself in, referrals and finally to be determined.

Uwakeme Tochukwu, another alumnus and an exporter of agricultural produce spoke on the profitability of the business and the need for Nigerian youths to conquer laziness and gather the wealth which lies beneath our rich soil.

Onwuamaegbu Uche, a woman who sees herself as “the job” as she indeed is talked about the abundance of job opportunities littered everywhere and called on the youths to make maximum use of the internet aside posting pictures and engaging in fraudulent activities.

Alagboso Chibuike took on the part of setting up a business which is considered fragile, the business model canvas which entails the various channels, customer relationship, revenue structure/schemes, key partners and key activities in the business and finally, Umeh Ifeoma took on writing grant applications. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized as one of the major obstacles which hinder the realization of dreams include little or no funds thus making grant application a prayer answered with the required amount of effort.

Questions were asked by the participants who have encountered one or two difficulties in their businesses or needed to be cleared on a thing or two and they got beyond satisfactory answers.

The event came to a wrap with the organizers handing out souvenirs ranging from YALI stickers, T-shirts and 16GB memory sticks containing almost all YALI Learns online courses. The materials although supplied originally by the YALI program, they were donated by another Mandela Washington Fellow from Imo state, Ijeoma Ugwudi, through her organization, BeInHealth Foundation.

Certificates were handed out to the participants while some were interviewed by the AlaOwerri TV crew. Participants were most delighted and grateful for attending an event which has made a positive impact on their visions and plans.

This was followed by photo sessions before participants, organizers and facilitators began to disperse but not without the joy of the entrepreneurial spirit that has been activated in them.

The world needs to watch out for these great minds, for just as one of the speakers rightly said, “…start early, fail fast, make amends and impact.”

There is a high possibility of the impacted making greater impacts on the future generation and making the Nation great again through great teamwork, the right choices and the assumption that no idea is new as rightly said by one of the speakers.


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